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Through Strecia’s expert instruction, I was able to overcome my initial hesitancy regarding the use of my firearm. She broke the steps down to easily understood bits. I retain what she taught me about the physical mechanics of using my weapon as well as my critical judgment and safety. Strecia is a superb teacher; I recommend her highly. She put me at ease right away and I truly enjoyed my lesson. 

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"I had my first lesson with Strecia this morning, and I learned a lot & had a LOT of fun. I’ve shot several times before, and I am pretty comfortable with my gun. However, I needed some help with some basics that weren’t working well for me & with my cross-dominance (I’m right-handed with a dominant left eye). Strecia worked with me on my stance & grip, and those small changes made a world of difference! My shots started landing much closer to where I was aiming. I was even able to knock down steel targets at almost a one-shot-per-target rate!!

Strecia is an outstanding instructor, and I will definitely work with her again in the future. If you are new to firearms & want to learn or if you’re even a little afraid of them (which is normal & absolutely nothing to be ashamed of), talk to Strecia & book a lesson or two. You will not regret this priceless investment in your skill set! She will work at whatever pace you are comfortable with, and she will give you a huge bump in your firearm self-confidence & sense of empowerment."


"I'm excited so many people now have the opportunity to learn from Strecia McCaig. Strecia is an easy person to learn from. She is calm and confident with a great sense of humor. Her expertise combined with her innate desire to protect and empower others makes her an invaluable instructor and partner in empowering women."

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"Strecia is so encouraging, and very focused on proper handling and safety around firearms.  She is EXTREMELY patient!  I have greatly enjoyed the handgun and rifle training in my private and group sessions – not only is it a lot of fun, but I always improve after a session.  Strecia has helped me correct timing, trigger pull, stance, and grip – all tailored to my size and strength.  I have found a new love for shooting sports and feel much more confident with my firearms through this training."

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"Recently I thought about taking the course for "permit to carry”.  Since I had little experience at that time with a semi automatic handgun, I knew I had to have some help becoming comfortable with a weapon suitable to carry. Strecia and I arranged to meet at the shooting range and, after a few hours of instruction, she felt I could successfully pass the course and get my carry permit, which I did.  Strecia can train or teach new skills or techniques to any level of client,  from a newbie to someone that's been around weapons for many years. There is no better way to learn a new skill than small classes or one-on-one teaching. There is no one better for firearms training than Strecia."


"Having won a handgun at a fundraiser, I decided I need to learn all about the gun and how to shoot it.  I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and understanding of guns that Strecia has.  She gave me so much information and then taught me how to be safe with the gun.  We then went to the shooting range and I saw a totally different side of her.  I saw the love she has for teaching others how to shoot and become familiar with their gun.  I had more fun than I realized I would have and can’t wait to call her and schedule my next lessons.  I highly recommend her to teach anyone at any age."


"What a fun afternoon!  I had a two-hour private lesson with Strecia at the Amarillo Shooting Complex. She’s an excellent instructor and was very helpful in improving my shooting technique with my new Glock 43 and Sig P238. She has other classes available as well. You won’t be disappointed."

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"I can't say enough good things about Strecia McCaig! Had a wonderful afternoon with Strecia! I had a private lesson with her at the Amarillo Shooting Complex. She is an amazing instructor...extremeIy knowledgeable, has a lot of experience... patient and encouraging. I had little knowledge of a hand gun going into my lesson. After my time with Strecia, I feel empowered with the knowledge I received. I enjoy shooting at the range. I'm now looking forward to purchasing my first hand gun."

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TERRY HILL | Attorney at Law, Dallas, Texas

"Strecia is one-of-a-kind. As a police officer, she protected my most valuable possessions, my children. But as competent as Strecia is, it is her temperament that sets her apart. She is naturally gifted in that while she is "on duty" she is compassionate, humorous, and calming. I would trust Strecia with anything."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my class with Strecia. She is extremely  knowledgeable, made sure I was given the time necessary to feel comfortable with my new Glock, and is always safety first!  I highly recommend her classes and she exemplifies what it means to empower women!"


"Even though I have had handguns for about 30 years, getting to train with Strecia for two hours really helped improve my accuracy by teaching me a new stance and correcting my grip. And I’m really looking forward to taking her hunting class soon! Whether you have ‘been around guns’ for a while or you are wanting to learn about them, Strecia is THE perfect person for your training!"

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"I took a handgun and rifle training class from Strecia McCaig. She was very helpful and understanding in my lack of knowledge with guns. After the class with her, I felt so much more comfortable in handling and firing my weapon. With her help, I was able to pass my test for Concealed Carry with a score of 238. She made all the difference in my confidence. I plan to take tactical training from her also. It is so worth it for peace of mind."


"Strecia is an excellent instructor. Her knowledge, experience, and patience give her clients the confidence they need to hit the bullseye."


"I have known Strecia for 30 years. When working with her I knew if she was my backup she had my back. I have hunted with her at least 15 years and she has demonstrated excellent safety procedures and knowledge in her choice in what weapon to use on a particular game animal. Her marksmanship is excellent. Good hunter that can handle herself very well in a tight spot."

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