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All lessons with On Target are private or semi-private lessons. They are perfect for those who have never fired a weapon as well as for those with some experience. Although safety is always the main focus, these lessons are designed to be low-stress and fun, so that no matter the experience level, each shooter can begin to feel confident in her/his abilities. Each lesson is based on the experience of the client.  Women sometimes face differences that are unique to the female shooter and those differences are discussed and dealt with in a positive manner.  Shooting is not a “one size fits all” activity. 

1-2 Students (2-hour minimum)

$65 Per Hour / Per Person (includes range fee)



Don’t have your own weapon? Don’t worry. We have several different calibers you can try before you ever decide what you might want to purchase. Shooters will learn how a firearm works and how to handle it safely. The student will learn safety rules, safe loading and unloading of the weapon, as well as basics such as grip, stance, target alignment and trigger control. The first portion of this lesson will be held in a classroom before going out on the range for the shooting portion. If you have your own weapon, you should bring it as well as 50 rounds of ammunition.


1-2 Students

$130 Per Student (Range Fee Included)


You must have some experience and be proficient in loading and unloading your weapon. You also need to demonstrate safety on the range before beginning the more advanced instruction. We will cover different carry options as well as dealing with malfunction drills.  There will also be timed drills and multiple target drills. If you plan to conceal carry or open carry your weapon bring the holster or purse you plan on using for these drills.


1 Student
$140 / Per Student



Private lessons on basic gun safety and shooting. This class covers basic differences in rifles and shotguns as well as proper fit and shooting techniques for both rifles and shotguns. This is a scheduled 2-hour class with classroom and range time. Students should bring their weapon and ammunition as well as eye and ear protection. Group lessons are available upon request.

$140 Per Person (includes range fee)


A firearm can be useful for home defense, but it is just as important to have a plan in place if you ever need to use it.  I will come to your home (or office) to help you put together an effective home defense plan.  We will discuss a variety of home defense situations you might be faced with and determine a strategy that would work best for your needs. We will also discuss the best places to store and secure your weapons and some defensive locations in your home that you could use to your advantage.  No one knows your home and your individual circumstances better than you so learn how to use that knowledge to better defend yourself if that is where you are ever confronted.


$85 (Approximately 1 Hour)



Have you ever had a stranger suddenly appear next to you in a parking lot, or perhaps while filling your car?  How often have you had a feeling of being watched or felt that something was just “not right” about a situation? This class focuses on awareness and recognizing potential dangers and how to respond to potential as well as recognizable threats. We will also discuss some less lethal options.


Included in this training we will discuss what to do if you are ever involved in an active shooter situation.  We hear about them more and more every year and we should not assume that it will never happen to us.  Learn some of the things that you should do that may be critical to your survival in that type of situation. 



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